• Dermaflex

    APP elastoplastomeric bituminous membrane modified with technopolymers with wide thermal operating range (-15°C/+140°C)

    A bitumen based mixture modified with a selection of polypropylene polymers (APP) and copolymers, characterised by a wide thermal operating range (-15°C/+140°C), excellent mechanical strength, durability of the rheological properties in time and a constant nominal thickness even after application, thanks to the smooth bottom finish.
  • Suitable for use in the residential building trade, for pitched roofs or roofs with a complex design, large prefabricated structures and industrial buildings; also suitable when very thick insulation or when technical equipment installation is provided.
  • Notes

    ■ Bituminous membrane APP EQ (Enduring Quallity) 
    ■ Cerificates CE, IGMAT, EQ
    ■ Thermal operating range -15°C έως +140°C
    ■ Reinforcement SP polyester (spunbond nonwoven polyester) ή HSP polyester (spunbond nonwoven polyester reinforced with fiberglass threads with high performance)
    ■ Upper finish with sand or slate with various colours natural, green, white, red, bourgogne, dark brown 
    ■ Bottom finish with polyethylene

  • Packages

    ■ 1m x 10m rolls on pallet

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