Sustainable products & integrated energy
upgrade systems for buildings
We are a Greek production company of advanced insulating materials based in Thessaloniki
with a history of more than 35 years in the insulation industry.
At our facilities in Neochorouda, Thessaloniki, we produce high-quality sustainable Bound EPS thermal insulation mortars designed for energy upgrading of building structures without neglecting sections such as the renovation and dehumidification of buildings suffering from rising damp, such as construction safety with the
fire reaction of our materials and sections such as the quality of passive ventilation of buildings with
the high breathability that our systems offer.
Politerm blu
Ultra-lightweight EPS aggregates for the preparation of thermal insulating BEPS mortars.
Ultra-lightweight aggregates of virgin expanded polystyrene EPS (N) beads, premixed with special additives, for the preparation of lightweight thermal insulating Bound EPS (BEPS) mortars. Specially designed for thermal insulation in buildings. Available also for concrete truck mixers.
Premixed thermal insulating Bound EPS mortars
Premixed thermal insulating Bound EPS mortars made from ultra-lightweight virgin polystyrene EPS (N) beads, with special additives and cement, in various densities. To be used for thermal insulation and as lightweight mortars in buildings.
Premixed thermal insulating plasters
Premixed thermal insulating plasters consisting of ultra-lightweight virgin polystyrene EPS (N) beads, hydraulic binders and special additives. Ideal for thermal insulation in buildings, combining plastering and thermal insulation.
Protherm Light
Premixed fireproofing plaster
Premixed thermal insulating fireproofing plaster consisting of ultra-lightweight virgin polystyrene EPS (N) beads, selected hydraulic binders and special additives. Specially designed for the protection of metal structures, composite structures and concrete surfaces from the effects of fire.
Politerm Wall
Ultra-lightweight thermal insulating polystyrene bead aggregates designed for dry blowing in wall cavities and gaps.
Pre-fabricated thermal insulation boards for external thermal insulation
Pre-fabricated thermal-insulating board for external thermal insulation with layer of smoothing powder and glass-fiber reinforcement. It is specially designed with predefined overlaps and holes for the plugs. Ecap is suitable for external and/or internal thermal insulation of new, existing or prefabricated buildings with a significant reduction in application time of up to 60% compared to traditional thermal insulation methods.
Aluminum gutters
The DAL'ALU continuous aluminum gutters are manufactured in exact dimensions from a profile forming machine installed on a truck. The DAL'ALU gutters are available in many colors and are installed by a specialized crew. The perfect assembly, the high durability and the guarantee performance insured.
The DAL'ALU gutters have an excellent architectural effect on the facades of buildings and create high additional value on buildings.
Bioclimatic houses
Tekto Flex House System
Tekto offers a complete & certified building system for metal buildings.
Tekto Flex House System is a new building technology for the construction of multi-storey buildings: hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, residences, residential complexes, luxury residences, etc.
Tekto Flex House System is a combination of composite construction consisting of a disposable mantle used for the construction of perimeter and inner partition walls and thermal insulation lightweight mortar casting through an innovative assembled process.
Recent projects
Integrated & efficient solutions with cutting-edge products to the most difficult technical insulation problems

Our philosophy is to offer complete and effective solutions to the most difficult technical problems of insulation on terraces, walls, basements, terraces, roofs, swimming pools, tanks etc. Our basic targeting is the optimal quality and reliability of the solutions we offer for modern building, renovation, preventive protection and improvement of buildings. Our company produces and implements innovative insulation systems and is certified according to the European Standard EN ISO 9001: 2015 by the DQS Certification Body.
George Architektonidis
Through decades of hard work & rigorous assessment of materials and methods, we offer you integrated monolithic insulation systems!
George Architektonidis
Anastasia Architektonidou
With responsibility we try every day to keep our human and professional values ​​high ...
Anastasia Architektonidou
Vice president (VP)
Stavros Architektonidis
We build the future with innovation with respect to the following generations...
Stavros Architektonidis
General Manager - Business Administration (BA)
Theodore Architektonidis
We produce & evolve innovative sustainable products of high quallity following the most strict specifiacations!
Theodore Architektonidis
Production & Quality Manager - Chemical engineer (Ch.eng)

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