Who we are

We are a purely Greek production company of advanced insulating materials, based in Thessaloniki, with a record of more than 35 years in insulations. In our facilities, in Neochorouda Thessaloniki, we produce high quality virgin EPS beads that are to be used in the production of thermal insulating Bound EPS (BEPS) concretes and others.
We have been pioneers in understanding the value of thermal insulation in buildings, from the products’ perspective as well as from the systems’ perspective which offset the natural equilibrium of energy, economy and technical advantages that derive from the thermal insulation of buildings. All those processes resulted in the creation of thermal insulating products of high quality.
Today, we are one of the most innovative companies in the sector, with thermal insulating systems for walls, roofs and floors, all without neglecting sectors like the renovation and dehumidification of buildings that suffer from rising damp, sectors like the safety of constructions with the fire resistance of our products and sectors like the quality of a house’s indoor climate with the high breathability that our products offer.