• Dermafil

    APP elastoplastomeric bituminous membrane modified with technopolymers with wide thermal operating range (-15°C/+130°C)

    A bitumen based compound modified with select polypropylene polymers (APP) and copolymers. Highly reliable solutions, wide thermal operating range (-15°C/+130°C), perfect adhesion to different types of decks (reinforced concrete, wood, metal) and constant nominal thickness even after application, thanks to the smooth bottom finish.
  • The ideal choice for a wide range of multi-layer waterproofing applications in the field of residential, industrial and prefabricated roofing, with or without insulation. Particularly suitable for waterproofing bridges and other structures subject to traffic in accordance with EN 14695 (in the 40250 and 50250 GS POL versions), waterproofing underground structures, and to renovate existing roofing (resurfacing).
  • Notes

    ■ Bituminous membrane APP EQ (Enduring Quallity) 
    ■ CE certification
    ■ Temperature limits -15°C/+130°C
    ■ Reinforcement choise SP polyester (spunbond nonwoven polyester) or GS polyester (spunbond nonwoven polyester reinforced with fiberglass threads) 
    ■ Top finish with sand or mineral slate in various colours natural, green, white, red, bourgogne, dark brown 
    ■ Bottom finish with polyethylene
  • Packages

    ■ Rolls 1m x 10m on pallet 
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