• Sealtaq Aquablock

    Sealant for the perimeter of pipelines and cables

    Sealing compound for walls, pipelines, cables and cavities in concrete structures against gases, water infiltration, ground water and underground water leakage.
  • Notes

    ■ The seal remains permenantely flexible
    ■ No special application tools needed
    ■ No material waste – the product is reusable
    ■ Immediate seal – no curing/hardening time
    ■ Provides permanent and optimum safety
    ■ No fumes, no chemical reactions of emissions
    ■ Adjusts to slight movements of pipes and cables
    ■ Allows adding and removing of conduits at any time

  • Packages

    ■ Cartridges of 310ml, 25 pieces/box, 900 pieces/pallet
    ■ Cartridges of 0,62Kg, 20 pieces/box, 720 pieces/pallet
    ■ Bags of 2Kg, 9 pieces/box, 324 pieces/pallet