• Protherm Light

    Premixed thermal insulating, fireproofing plaster

    Protherm Light is an innovative lightweight fireproofing plaster composed of virgin expanded polystyrene EPS beads, hydraulic binders and special additives. It is designed for the passive fire protection of structural elements made of steel, bricks, normal and pre-stressed concrete. It is suitable for houses and industrial buildings and it can be applied both internally and externally.
  • Notes

    ■ 1 bag yields 6sqm of 1cm thickness
    ■ Fireproofing and simultaneous thermal insulation
    ■ Fire resistance: Non-flammable A1
    ■ Water resistance: rotproof
    ■ Easy and fast to apply
    ■ Lower application cost due to less manpower
    ■ Application by hand or by plastering machine

  • Packages

    ■ 60lt bags
    ■ 40 bags per pallet

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