• Tektoterm Premix 230

    Premixed thermal insulating and dehumidifying plaster for external and/or internal application

    Premixed plaster of extremely high thermal insulating ability (λ 0,068W/mK), consisting of high quality perfectly spherical virgin polystyrene EPS (N) beads, premixed with sepcial additives and hydraulic binders of 230Kg/m3 dry density.
    Ideal for thermal insulation and dehumidification especially in the dehumidification zone of buildings. Ideal for building of low to zero energy consumption. Fullfils the requirements of the Greek thermal insulation regulation.
    - Ideal for renovation and dehumidification in areas of rising damp
    - Excellent water vapor permeability
    - Pleasant indoor climate
  • Notes

    ■ 1 bag yields 1sqm of 6cm thickness
    ■ External and/or internal thermal insulation
    ■ Thermal insulation of ceilings
    ■ Elimination of thermal bridges
    ■ Protects the masonry from rain
    ■ Water resistance: rotprrof
    ■ Fire resistance: Non flammable (A2-s1, d0)
    ■ Applied manually or by plastering machine

  • Packages

    ■ 60lt bags
    ■ 40 bags per pallet

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