• Tektoterm 150

    Premixed thermal insulating plaster for external and/or internal application

    Premixed plaster of extremely high thermal insulating ability (λ 0,056W/mK), consisting of high quality perfectly spherical virgin polystyrene EPS (N) beads, premixed with sepcial additives and hydraulic binders of 150Kg/m3 dry density.
    Ideal for external and/or internal thermal insulation. Ideal for building of low to zero energy consumption. Fullfils the requirements of the Greek thermal insulation regulation.
    - Excellent synergy with bricks
    - Excellent water vapor permeability
    - Pleasant indoor climate
  • Notes

    ■ 1 bag yields 1sqm of 6cm thickness
    ■ External and/or internal thermal insulation
    ■ Thermal insulation of ceilings
    ■ Elimination of thermal bridges
    ■ Protects the masonry from rain
    ■ Water resistance: rotprrof
    ■ Fire resistance: Non flammable (A2-s1, d0)
    ■ Applied manually or by plastering machine

  • Packages

    ■ 60lt bags
    ■ 40 bags per pallet

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