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    Elastomeric bituminous membrane SBS modified with a thermoplastic rubber high flexibility at low temperatures and wide thermal operating range (-30°C/+125°C)

    Immediate adhesion on horizontal and vertical decks, high flexibility at low temperatures, a wide thermal operating range (-30°C/+125°C), high mechanical strength, fast and easy laying with a select range of TNT polyester characterised by high mechanical properties and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Elastomer membrane with a high content of SBS rubbers perfect for all single and multilayer solutions protected from UV rays, in the case of roofing in very cold areas and/or areas subject to very extreme temperature fluctuations and high-intensity mechanical actions: roofs subject to micro-settlements, vibrations, cyclic thermal-mechanical expansion and actions in cement, metal or wooden structures, even in the case of thick insulation and underground waterproofing (foundations, retaining walls, heavy under-slabs, bridges and large structures, etc.)
  • Notes

    ■ Bituminous membrane SBS, EQ(Enduring Quallity).
    ■ CE certification.
    ■ Temperature limits -30°C/+125°C.
    ■ Reinforcement choise POLYESTER SP (spunbond nonwoven polyester reinforced with fiberglass threads), POLYESTER HSP (spunbond nonwoven polyester reinforced with fiberglass threads with high performance), POLYESTER GS (high grammage spunbond nonwoven polyester reinforced with fiberglass threads for great structure).
    ■ Top finish with sand or mineral slate in various colours natural, green, white, red, bourgogne, dark brown.
    ■ Bottom finish with polyethylene.

  • Packages

    Depending on the type
    ■ Rolls 1m x 10m on pallet 
    ■ Rolls 1m x 8m on pallet 

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