• Politerm Blu

    Ultra-lightweight aggregates Ø3-6mm for the preparation of lightweight thermal Bound EPS (BEPS) mortars

    High quality virgin polystyrene EPS (N) closed cell structure beads, with grain size Ø3-6mm, of controlled density, which are non toxic, non absorbing, rotproof, dimensionally stable, without CFC, HCFC and HFC and without available nutrients that promote fungal or bacterial growth. During their production, the beads are pre-mixed with special additives, which allow the perfect mixing of the beads with water and the hydraulic binders and allow for the homogenous distribution of the beads in the mixture and their perfect pumping thus avoiding the bead floatation phenomenon during application.
    Ideal for houses of low to zero energy consumption. Fullfils the requirements of the Greek thermal insulation regulation.
  • Notes

    ■ Use good quality cement 32,5 or 42,5
    ■ Can be mixed with cement mixer of power mixer
    ■ Can be mixed and pumped with horizontal mixer (lightweight concrete mixer or Turbomalt)
    ■ Mixing and pumping with Politerm or Poliplus machine (bags of 170lt only)
    ■ Mixing and pumping with "Turbosol" type pumps.

  • Packages

    ■ 420lt bag which yields 500lt of final mortar (2 bags for 1 cubic meter)
    ■ 170lt bag which yields 200lt of final mortar (5 bags for 1 cubic meter)

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